35% of Seattle's Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Strategies 2020-2030

A. Phase Out Use of Natural Gas For Heating

1. Require heat pump on heating equipment replacement

B. Increase Energy Efficiency In Buildings

2. Increase incentives for energy efficiency in existing low-income buildings

3. Provide financing opportunities for energy efficiency renovation

Action Priorities 2021

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2. Strengthen building codes for new buildings

3. Support County enactment of CPACER to allow property owners to secure low-cost, long-term financing for qualifying improvements.

4. Progressive Tax for low-income building electrification & efficiency upgrades – JumpStart for Building Electrification!

State Priorities 2021

Needed to advance City Action Priorities

Current City Programs

Seattle has taken meaningful steps towards building efficiency and electrification. Among the programs we already have:

Energy Benchmarking for large buildings

Phase Out Heating Oil - tax & incentive program

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