66% of Seattle's Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Transportation in Seattle should serve everyone. It should prioritize transit, pedestrian, and cycling, and continue to accommodate personal vehicles. It should be convenient for people to get around the city without a car, and for businesses to make deliveries. It should be powered by clean electricity.

Strategies 2021-2030

Action Priorities 2021

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1. Support VehicleLicenseFee(VLF) spending plan on Vision Zero/Multi-modal transportation - in Mayor's proposed budget

4. Support transit-oriented development

State Priorities 2022

Needed to advance City Action Priorities

The 2021 Legislative Session has now closed, and a summary of the session is here. It is possible the Legislature will be called back in the fall for an emergency session to pass a Transportation Package, but otherwise the Legislature will reconvene in January next year. We will use this space to list ideas for legislation we hope will be introduced then.

Transportation Package – increase multi-modal spending, fix decaying infrastructure, no highway expansion

Growth Management Act Add a required Climate Element to County and Cities' Comprehensive Plans

School Bus Electrification – State reimburse local school district for electric bus cost

Broaden Local Transportation Revenue Options – add progressive revenue options and allow transportation districts to use multiple revenue sources

Implement a Per Mile Driven Charge for Electric Vehicles – replace existing flat fee car tab with one that charges per vehicle miles driven

Rebate for Electric Bicycles.– make electric bikes more affordable

Current Programs

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