Subsidize Transit


Seattle, King County Metro, and SoundTransit have a number of programs to reduce transit fares for lower income residents. The ORCA LIFT program provides those who qualify as much as 50% off the normal fare on Metro and Sound Transit. Seattle also has a program, as part of its Transportation Benefit District, that provides 1600 Seattle Housing Authority residents free Orca cards. Currently, fares provide about 30% of Metro's income.

Metro and Sound Transit are piloting a new income-based fare program. Program participants receive a fully loaded ORCA card. Individuals qualify for the program if they are part of a household that has less than 80% of the federal poverty line, and they are enrolled in one of six different poverty programs. This new program is part of a new fare enforcement policy.

Related Efforts

from King Country Metro 2018 Rider and Non-Rider Survey