Sound Transit


Sound Transit Link has been very successful, increasing ridership year over year at a time when other transit systems in the country have had decreasing usage. The Link is still in the process of building out. The funding for ST2 is from a 5-10% rise in the regional sales tax. Sound Transit 3 is funded by increases in sales tax, motor vehicle excise tax, and property tax. By 2040, Sound Transit estimates that its services will carry a total of between 561,000 and 695,000 daily riders, with 69 percent of all transit trips using rail services. Light rail trains would run 20 hours per day, and every 3 to 6 minutes during peak hours; the plan requires the purchase of 226 new vehicles to operate on the new lines. Click here for a complete map.

Expansion Plans

Here is the current schedule for the buildout of the line:

  • Northgate Link expansion will extend the line from UW/Husky Stadium north to the U-District, Roosevelt, and Northgate, and should open in 2021. Buses in the north end will be rerouted to take advantage of the Link, and many express buses that currently go all the way the downtown are expected to terminate at Northgate and passengers may continue on the Link. This is funded as part of ST2.

  • East Link will connect from International District/Chinatown Station across the I-90 bridge to Bellevue and terminating at the Microsoft campus in Redmond. It is expected to complete in 2023.

  • The Orange Line Hilltop Expansion Project will extend in Tacoma from the Theater District Station to St Joseph Hospital.

  • The Lynnwood Link Extension will extend the line from Northgate north to Lynnwood, via NE 145th St., NE 185th St., and Mountlake Terrace. This line will be elevated. Much of the funding for this line has come from Federal grants, and low-interest Federal loans.

  • Federal Way Link Extension will extend the line south from Angle Lake to Redondo/Star Lake, stopping at Highline Community College. Planning for this is in progress, but is expected to run along SR 99.

  • Redmond Technology Station to Downtown Redmond, expected in 2024.

  • Kent/DesMoines station to Federal Way Transit Center, expected in 2024.

  • Federal Way Transit Center to Tacoma Dome Station, expected in 2030.

  • Downtown Seattle to West Seattle, expected in 2030.

  • Downtown Seattle to Ballard via South Lake Union and Lower Queen Anne, expected in 2035.

  • Lynnwood Station to Everett Station via Paine Field, expected in 2036.

  • South Kirkland to Issaquah via Bellevue, expected in 2041.

Map credit Sound Transit