Climate Advocates' Hub

Seattle-King County

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Hub Collaboration Objectives

Support group collaboration to promote a Green New Deal & greenhouse gas emission (GHGE) reduction in Seattle & King County in order to:

1. More easily share our research & policy development work to reduce overlapping efforts / benefit from one another's work.

2. Coordinate our climate lobbying efforts to increase our impacts.

Collaboration Strategy

1. Engage other Climate Advocacy Groups, share and collaborate on climate lobby actions

2. Engage Seattle Democratic Districts, share and collaborate on platform, resolutions, letters, testimony and other lobby actions

3. Seek designated volunteers to be collaboration contacts in Districts and Climate Advocacy Groups

4. Engage and lobby decision makers and staff with responsibility for actions to reduce GHG emissions

5. Share public education campaigns - Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds

6. Track & report Climate Actions

7. Share ideas, research, policy work.

Recent Advocacy Efforts

  • Advocating for Climate funding in Seattle 2022 Budget

  • Strengthening Washington State Commercial Building Energy Codes

  • Funding for electrification of buildings in Seattle Schools Capital Levy

  • Seattle Mayoral Climate Pledge

  • Require heat pump water heating in Seattle's commercial buildings

  • Bus lanes on Westlake Ave.

  • Update Seattle's Transit Master Plan