Improve Alternatives to Driving

All of the analyses show that we need to reduce our reliance on cars in order to live sustainably. We can't all shift to electric cars immediately, for many reasons, not least the fact that car manufacturers cannot make them fast enough. And even if we did, we would just find ourselves stuck in massive traffic jams. In urban areas like Seattle, most people should not have to rely on cars for transportation. We need better alternatives to driving, and more choices about how to travel. Once we have more choices, the transportation network will cost much less per capita because of less reliance on expensive car-based infrastructure.

Here are some of our ideas about how to improve our choices:

Transit should be convenient, fast, and reliable.

We need safe, connected bike paths suitable for all ages.

We need well-maintained sidewalks, and streets that are designed for pedestrian safety. 

Possible ways to fund transportation infrastructure improvements of all kinds.

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