Save Public Transit 

We need a city where it is convenient and efficient, to get around by bus. We need to increase investment in public transit, not cut funding.  More and better public transit will reduce traffic congestion, improve safety on our streets, reduce air pollution and help us meet our climate goals. 

1) Email your Seattle City Council Member at in May-June 2024 to assure adequate funding for public transit in the Transportation Levy.

Sample Comments:

HERE are more tips from Seattle Greenways.

2) Complete THIS FORM to save King County Metro Bus Route #20.  King County Metro is threatening to cut Bus Route #20 in Autumn 2024.  Bus #20 serves schools (students, staff), seniors, businesses and the disabled in local neighborhoods between Lake City and University of Washington (Victory Heights, Pinehurst, Northgate, Licton Springs, Green Lake, East Wallingford, University District).  Bus #20 provides ready access from local neighborhoods to Light Rail Stations at Northgate & University District.