Heat Pump Information

Seattle should educate homeowners on the benefits of heat pumps and efficiency improvements, and publish a list of recommended installers.


There are a few steps the City can take to help homeowners electrify:

Educate homeowners on the benefits of heat pumps

  • Heat pumps can cool as well as heat, which is a huge benefit as we are increasing subject to more intense heat waves in the summer months.

  • A new heat pump can be paired with better air filtration, which can be critical if there is smoke from wildfires.

  • Heat pumps maintain a more even temperature in the home.

  • Heat pumps are more efficient than gas furnaces.

  • Heat pumps have a lower lifetime cost for heating and cooling.

  • Heat pumps are not contributing to air pollution.

  • Heat pumps do not rely on our aging gas infrastructure.

This education could come in the form of the City doing outreach at events, sponsoring webinars, etc.

Maintain a list of contractors who can do the work

Homeowners go to advisor for heating and cooling is often a company that will advise replacement with gas appliances, and may not be in the business of installing heat pumps. By maintaining its own list, the City gives homeowners a trusted source for doing the work. The city has done this in other areas, for instance for cistern installations.