Who We Are

The Climate Advocates Hub is an alliance of climate groups focused on advocacy for climate action, based in Seattle/King County. Our goal is to get state, county, and local city governments to pass legislation that will reduce our region’s greenhouse gas emissions and promote climate justice. Our member groups work together to share information and support each other’s advocacy campaigns. By pooling our resources, we reduce the work each group must do; by coordinating our climate lobbying, we increase our impact. Representatives from each group in the Hub meet bi-monthly to discuss on-going and upcoming advocacy work.


What We Do

Any member group may post an action request in the Portal. These action requests go out to all member organizations, and usually take the form of a request for a letter or a public comment for some upcoming legislation. When many people show up at once at a public meeting, the effect is multiplied many times.


There is also a research aspect to this work. The Climate Advocates Hub has experts in local climate policy for a number of different areas: Buildings, Transportation, Electrification, etc., as well as trackers who follow specific issues or city or council committees. By this research, we hope to be ready when the moment for advocacy comes.


Join Us!

We are always looking for individuals and groups who are interested in engaging; please email us at seattleclimatecontact@googlegroups.com.