Energy Efficiency Incentives


Seattle already has a number of excellent programs to help people improve their buildings and make them more efficient. These programs have been responsible for reductions in Seattle's GHG emissions. However, we believe they could go further. Most importantly, they should cover more of the cost of the improvement. In addition, we need to find out answers to the following questions:

  • Is there a set amount of money allocated, and if so is that amount sufficient to fund everyone?

  • For programs targeted at low income residents, should the income limits be raised?

  • Why no more incentives for washing machines, insulation and windows?

  • Why no more free energy audit for homes?

  • Why not incentivize heat pumps in new homes?

Current Programs

Seattle currently has a number of programs to encourage efficiency in Seattle's buildings.

Here are some of them for commercial and multi-family buildings:

  • Seattle City Light rebates for qualifying appliances in commercial kitchens, air compressors, connected thermostats, HVAC equipment (chillers, air conditioners, heat pumps and motors)

  • Seattle City Light provides customized incentives for commercial building energy efficiency projects

  • Seattle City Light Energy Efficiency as a Service for downtown office buildings

  • Seattle City Light Direct-install Services provides energy efficient lighting at no cost to owners or occupants of multi-family buildings

  • Seattle City Light Multi-family Weatherization Program

  • Existing building commissioning for large commercial buildings

  • Deep retrofit Pay for Performance for large commercial buildings

  • Required Benchmarking for large commercial or multi-family buildings

  • The state has loan programs for developers who construct efficient single family homes, upgrade multi-family buildings to be more efficient in energy or water usage, or commercial or multi-family clean energy projects (e.g., solar)

Seattle also has programs for single family homes:

  • Seattle City Light rebates for water heaters, heat pumps

  • Seattle City Light provides kit for DIY energy audits

  • Seattle's HomeWise Program offers low income households energy audits, insulation, air and duct sealing, heat pumps, refrigerators, and furnace repair or replacement

  • Seattle City Light subsidized LEDs and efficient shower heads through retail stores