Climate Goals At Every Level

What each jurisdiction is doing about climate change



  • Fall 2022 – Redistricting final Nov 8, 2022.

  • Nov 14, 2022 – Budget Chair Mosqueda's Balancing Budget to be release

  • May 15-19, 2023 – Candidate filing week for City Council positions 1-7

  • Aug 1, 2023 – Primary Election

  • Fall 2023 – General Election for Positions 1-7

King County

Regional Transit Committee

  • Oct 19: Performance measures dashboard annual report, proposed 2023-2024 budget

  • Nov 16: System Evaluation Report, proposed 2023-2024 budget

Puget Sound Regional Council

Sound Transit


  • Residential Energy Codes in process of updating by SBCC

Actions This Year

  • Seattle School Capital levy passed with $18M funding for clean energy conversion.

  • Washington State Building Codes Council passed requirements for new commercial buildings to have non-fossil fuel based space and water heating.

  • Seattle passed Climate Planning Resolution to require the Comprehensive Plan update to take climate into account; it must have a plan for reducing GHG, improving environmental justice, reducing VMT, and protecting fragile ecosystems.

2021 Actions

  • Seattle passed 2021 Energy Codes for commercial and multi-family buildings, requiring increased efficiency, as well as efficient electrical space and water heating

  • Seattle Public School board passed the 100% Clean Energy by 2040 Resolution

  • Seattle Department of Transportation will begin construction of RapidRide G, up Madison Ave, in the fall of 2021. Construction of new bike lanes on Green Lake Ave, and on Union Ave. have been completed.

Policies at Every Level

Useful Links

  • GHG Reduction Potential from Local Policies, an analysis from UC Berkeley's CoolClimate Network on what impact policies implemented by local governments can have on reducing GHG emissions. There is a website with modelling for over 700 different cities and counties in California, and a paper that describes in high level terms how the model is put together. On the right are results for Berkeley, CA: