Electrify Vehicles

Electric vehicles are getting more and more common. For most types of vehicles, although the upfront cost may be more, the lifecycle cost of the using the vehicle is less. Accelerating the conversion to electric is one of the key ways we can reduce greenhouse gases.

The State has begun to take steps toward electrification. It is building out more recharging stations on state highways. It has mandated Clean Fuels, so that gas powered vehicles pollute less. And it has set a goal that all vehicles sold in the state in 2030 will be electric.

We need to accelerate adoption in each of these areas:

We need publicly accessible recharging infrastructure so that people who cannot recharge where they live may use electric vehicles.

Small Freight (Amazon, UPS, FedEx)

We drive less for shopping, but require more delivery vehicles. The delivery vehicles need to be electrified.

Taxis as well as cars used for Uber and Lyft should be electrified.

Governments should lead the way and electrify their vehicles.