What Can I do?

Would you like to do more for climate? There are lots of ways to get involved. You can change what you do as an individual. You can join up with a group and work together on something. Here at the Climate Advocates' Hub, we are always looking for team members to help with research and with keeping track of climate issues at the city, county, and state levels. We could use your help.


What's Involved

The work we do is advocating with local government to take steps to reduce greenhouse gases and advance climate justice. This can mean writing letters, testifying in public meetings, or meeting with our elected representatives. There is also a lot of work that goes on in the background. We research possible climate policies, and we keep track of what work local government is doing, so that we can support their efforts or tell them early if we think they are headed down the wrong path. We try to keep in touch with other climate groups in the same space and exchange information. We meet twice a month to discuss upcoming issues and actions.

Help Wanted on the Hub

Looking for Trackers. A Tracker is someone who takes on the task of watching what issues and reports come up in a committee meeting, and reporting back on them to the larger group. This is usually a matter of checking the agenda that is posted in advance of the meeting, and seeing if anything that is climate related is on the agenda, viewing the meeting, and reporting back on what happens. The committees can be viewed on zoom in real time, but they are also recorded and you can watch them later.

These Committees need trackers:

If you are a closet policy wonk, here's a chance to come out of your closet and help out! Contact us if you want to volunteer or find out more about this.