King County

Comprehensive Plan

Upcoming Meetings


  • Council approval of new Metro planning documents: Strategic Plan 2021-2031, Service Guidelines, and Metro Connects (long term plan).

  • Commercial Building Energy Code update. Public review in Feb, present to Council around 4/30. The proposed codes are open for public review from February 3 (anticipated) through March 3.

  • County will consider an ordinance for a CPACER program in 2021. It has completed feedback and is drafting it now.

  • County is considering a new law relating to climate for the King County Airport, details are pending. The bill is being referred to the Government Accountability and Oversight Committee. Supporting documents should be added by Sept. 7.

  • Regional Transit Committee work plan includes:

    • Aug.-Dec. review the updated policy documents (see above again).

  • Mobility and Environment work plan includes:

    • Sept, Zero Emission Battery Bus Preliminary Implementation Plan.

    • Other possible items as well, not yet scheduled, see here.

Comprehensive Planning

King County has kicked off the update process for the new Comprehensive Plan. The 2021 Countywide Planning Policies are the goals by which the new plan will be drafted. The 2021 Urban Growth Capacity Report is a mid-planning cycle assessment of how much growth has occurred, relative to the 2006-2035 growth targets. It goes over how much growth each city has had, and how much remains from the original projections. The Growth Management Planning Council will convene again December 1, 2021.

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