Strategies & Actions

A. The Hub identified 2020-30 Strategies, which are doable and essential if the City of Seattle is going to achieve its goals for 2030 and beyond. 

B. The Hub chose 2021 Actions based on the following criteria*:

  1. The action can significantly contribute to reduction of GHG emissions in Seattle and King County. 

  2. Support for the proposed action is needed to overcome political opposition. 

  3. Together with allies, we can increase the probability that the action will happen in 2021.

* Collaboration partners may have their own priorities which would guide what lobbying actions they recommend to others and what recommended lobbying actions from others that they choose to support. 

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Predicted Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions

Some policies at the Federal, State, or local level to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have already been put into law, and will start to have an effect.  

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