City Budget

2022 Budget

The budget process will begin Sept. 27 and run through Nov. 22. There's a video series "Budget School" that is an excellent overview of how the city budget is put together from Converge Media with Kevin Schofield. There is also a three-part analysis of the Mayor's proposed budget for 2022 from Kevin Schofield, and The Urbanist has started posting articles as well,  

The schedule for the budget is as follows:

An alliance of more than 200 community groups has proposed the Solidarity Budget.

Mayor's Proposed Budget

2021 Budget

The 2021 budget approved two new positions in the Office of Sustainability and Environment (OSE). The climate policy advisor "oversees implementation of the Climate Action Plan and measures progress towards its goals. Additionally, this position is responsible for developing and implementing a Climate Impact Assessment Toolkit (Executive Order 2018-01), creating policies to support green jobs as part of the economic recovery, evaluating racial equity impacts of building decarbonization, and establishing Building Performance Standards." as described here

OSE will also hire a Green New Deal  advisor. As described here, "In addition to providing administrative support to the Board, this position is responsible for coordinating the City’s internal strategy to reduce climate pollutants, helping to achieve the goals identified in the Green New Deal for Seattle." Having this position filled should pave the way for the mayor the council to appoint the Green New Deal Oversight Board.

The budget also allocated $200,000 for building electrification, to go to low income households and to be administered by the Office of Housing Weatherization department.