City Council Workplan 2022


These items are taken from the proposed Work Plan filed with City Council. I have excerpted items I thought were climate related.

Finance & Housing Committee

  • Jump Start Seattle Spending Plan - done

  • Regionalization of taxi, for‐hire and TNC licensing and regulations

Land Use Committee

  • Authorize increased density for affordable housing on sites developed with religious institutions

  • Permit new gas stations through an administrative conditional use process

  • Update the City's incentive zoning regulations, including consideration of green building incentives and other incentives identified by the Seattle 2030 District

  • Consider imposing transportation impact fees

  • Capitol Hill Public Life Study review

  • Review I‐5 Lid Feasibility Study

  • Review legislation to implement the Mandatory Housing Affordability program in the University District

  • Comprehensive Plan docket - done

  • Review outreach and EIS for 2024 Comprehensive Plan major update. - done

  • Consider planning and EIS scope inclusions related to ensuring that essential urban services necessary for a 20‐Minute City are included in the 2024 Comprehensive Plan major update.

  • Consider changes to shoreline regulations and opportunities to build resiliency in shoreline areas in the face of climate change

  • Review amendments to Building, Electrical, and other technical codes

Sustainability & Renter's Rights Committee

  • Explore strategies and monitor efforts to decarbonize existing buildings, including the establishment of Building Performance Standards, and expand restrictions on natural gas hookups for new buildings

  • Develop legislation to implement proposals regarding the Green New Deal that are made by community organizations and activists

  • Monitor implementation of Executive Order 2020‐01 (Advancing a Green New Deal for Seattle), including (1) actions proposed by the Green New Deal City Team to reduce the City's greenhouse gas emissions; (2) identification of potential funding partners to help achieve the goals of the Green New Deal for Seattle; (3) efforts to decarbonize municipal buildings; and (4) improvements to greenhouse gas emissions reporting.

  • Monitor and review the City's progress on implementing the Seattle Climate Action Plan, including progress under the Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge. Monitor development and implementation of the Climate Impact Assessment Toolkit for major capital projects and purchasing decisions.

  • Review the response to SLI SDOT‐915‐A‐1, which requested the Seattle Department of Transportation to develop a plan to make all public transit in Seattle free to ride, and consider how to implement free transit programs.

  • Monitor implementation of programs and activities related to the Heating Oil Tax, including outreach prior to the effective date of the tax (September 1).

Transportation & Utilities

  • Monitor progress of Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) programs and implementation of the Commuter Benefit Ordinance. Monitor SDOT's efforts to study congestion pricing

  • Incorporate “first and last mile” solutions as part of North End transit restructuring with opening of new Sound Transit Link stations in North Seattle over the next few years.

  • Explore parking policy options related to on‐street parking, residential parking zones, parking benefit districts, and emerging parking issues.

  • Review SDOT's spending proposal and related legislation for the vehicle license fee increase that was authorized in the 2021 Adopted Budget - done

  • Examine potential policies to encourage employers in the city to provide transit passes to their employees.

  • Consider phaseout of fossil fuel‐powered leaf blowers with electricity‐powered tools using a potential buyback program.

  • Monitor City Light's rate pilot programs, leading to possible recommendations for changes in the rate structure: commercial vehicle charging, industrial demand response, energy equity, and residential time of day.

  • Review and consider the proposed, new Strategic Plan for 2022 ‐ 2026 - done

  • Explore the possibility of banning polystyrene foam, commonly known as Styrofoam, products from being sold in Seattle.