Seattle Climate Action Plan


The Climate Action Plan is due to be updated in 2023.

Seattle's Climate Action Plan, adopted in 2018, calls for the city to do the following:

  • Address congestion and transportation emissions through pricing, coupled with investments in expanded transit and electrification in underserved communities. Update: SDOT has been studying a downtown congestion pricing plan, more discussion here.

  • Pass a new electric vehicle readiness ordinance in 2018, which will ensure new construction or renovation of parking structures is built with electric vehicle infrastructure. Update: ordinance was passed in Feb 2019.

  • Vehicle charging station network map & strategy. Update: Pilot project underway, and Seattle City Light Transportation Electrification Plan will define it further..

  • Ride share and taxi fleet electrification. No update available.

  • Create a new Green Fleet Action Plan, by the end of 2018, to accelerate the electrification of the municipal fleet and phase out fossil fuel use in municipal vehicles. Update: Plan was updated in 2019.

  • Issue an Executive Order directing City departments to assess the GHG emissions impact of City plans, policies, and major investments. Update: order was issued in 2018. Impact of this unknown.

  • Adopt a tiered state residential energy code that can be adopted by cities. Update: this requires a change to state law which has been up before the legislature but has not passed.

  • Create pilot program offering additional height and floor area incentives for significant upgrades in energy and water use, and transportation efficiency. Update: established a Green Priority Expedited plan that offers faster permitting in exchange for meeting a green building rating.

  • Incentive-driven 2030 performance standards for commercial and multifamily buildings. Update: Washington passed the Clean Buildings Law, which offers incentives for 2021-2026, after which the requirements become mandatory.

  • City Light Whole Building Pay for Performance (P4P) Programs. Update: Seattle City Light incentive program offering payments for verified energy savings.

  • Double existing budget allocation for reducing energy in municipal buildings from 2012-2015, with a goal of reducing energy use by 40 percent. Update: ?

  • Propose recommendations to mayor to convert 18,000 homes from heating oil to an electric heat pump. Update: Passed an Oil Heating Law that offers rebates for conversion to electricity for people currently heating with oil, as well as a tax on heating oil. The tax has been delayed one year to Sept. 2021 due to Covid-19.